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    May 25, 2015

    Many have asked the question, “Do the herbs really work?”  We reply, the herbs don’t work because you don’t use them or you purchase them from a poor quality source.  Naturalists around the world cringed when the story broke in the February 11 edition of New York Times where the headlines read, “Chains Pulled Dietary Aids Off Shelves After Inquiry.”  Top selling medicinal herbs sold in major chains did not contain the ingredients which were advertised.  Instead, they were filled with, “powdered rice, wheat, and ground up houseplants.”  Some of these stores were Walmart, GNC, Walgreen’s, and Targets – all stores that you have probably frequented.

    Stories like this push consumers away from the plants and drive you directly in line with the rest of the cattle to be slaughtered by pharmaceutical toxins and poisons with nasty side effects.  You all know what we’re talking about!  You have seen the commercials – may cause bleeding, depression, fatigue, thoughts of suicide, cancer, and the list goes on and on.  The drugs may cause the very dis-ease that you are trying to get away from!  Plus, these pharmaceutical agents are synthetic and not bio-available to the human body.  That is why you get the side effects — because these products are not natural.  You are an organic being and you need organic fuels such as natural herbs and live foods.

    This is why it is very important to check your labels and check your sources.  Let’s do an experiment.  Take down your bottle of multivitamins, daily fiber, herbal capsules, or other dietary supplements from the cabinet.  Go below the “Supplement Facts” and read  the “Other Ingredients”.  Do the contents listed grow from the soil or from the laboratory?  It does not take a rocket scientist, it does not take a doctor – it takes you and your brain to recognize the real from the fraud.  Your health is very important, so you must take back your power and begin to give yourself what you need!

    At Young’s Herbal Nutrition, we are sure to deliver the very best.  There is never a need to doubt.  Our herbs are freshly capsulated, all natural, 100% organic, and non-genetically modified!  All of our capsules are plant-based vegetarian – never with synthetic chemicals!  If the bottle says Moringa, it is 100% Moringa.  No rice or wheat fillers.  If the bottle says Turmeric, it is 100% Turmeric.  No Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose with chain Triglycerides!  We also talk with our clients to be sure that you are not taking pharmaceuticals in contradiction with your herbal plan.  We understand that some with more serious health conditions may want a transition from their current routine.  Also, any client will benefit greatly from our consultations, to guide you to the right herbs for your optimal health!

    As a thank you for reading this far, please call in today for a FREE mini consultation to get started on a beautiful lifestyle path!  We are your partners in excellent health!

    Number to Call: 1-800-489-6040

    Also, check out our crowdfunding campaign to expand our selections and capacity.  There are rewards for every donation!  We need your help to deliver the best!

    Lastly, please visit our site regularly as we are always adding new herbs and herbal formulas. 

    Yes, the herbs have worked for thousands of years and they continue to work when you use them and you get them from a quality source.  Why don’t you return to nature?

    Peace and Health,

    Young’s Herbals Team
    Allamar Young, Herbalist
    Nikala Asante, Holistic Consultant

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